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In the Flow Proprio - Longevity, Vitality and Movement Classes

In the Flow Proprio Adult Program

This program is about prevention and redemption. The focus is on understanding our bodies and their needs through mindful movement, proprioception exercises, self-release work, breath and understanding. 

This class is open to adults from beginner levels to advanced levels of physical fitness. It is a foundational course created to help the student develop or recapture greater physical vitality and strength through developing greater mobility, balance and breath. While the work we will do is beneficial at any stage or fitness level, one need not be in prime shape to participate in this class. 

In the flow Proprio is not a supplement to fitness or cardio training it is the body/mind foundation that lets us participate in these other forms of exercises/movement for a lifetime. 

I have had the great opportunity to experience high levels of physical fitness and vitality as a martial arts instructor at Kadan Martial Arts & PaaMano Eskrima Performing Arts and a teacher/coach in Self-actualization thru Women's Empowerment as well as experience the challenges of injuries and health problems. I have had to walk the road to recovery and healing on more than one occasion. I find myself at this crossroads once again. First my back injury, then shoulder injury, knee injury and then health problems knocked the wind out of my sails creating a sedentary life-style for years. I am 48 years old and I haven't spent time rehabilitating my previous injuries or nurturing my mind and body in years. I am ready to walk the walk back to physical fitness and vitality of spirit and I invite you to share my walk and make it your own. 

We will...

Gently wake muscles that may have been over looked as well as relax the muscles that may have been over worked by the challenges of modern living... 

Encourage balanced body systems and better neuroplasticity through proprioceptive movement and centered mind exercises...

Increase our mana/chi/prana (eternal life force - vitality) through the ancient breathing practices of Tibet, India and Japan...

Open the flow of our bodies to encourage vitality and longevity of movement through promoting free moving joints, increase in synovial fluid production, and lymph drainage techniques. 

Combining Pilates mat and modified chair work, proprioceptive (balance) exercises, breath work, Earthing, Reiki, self massage, continuing education and mind-centered movement this class focuses on promoting longevity of movement and revitalizing the mind, spirit and body. 

In the Flow Proprio classes are perfect if you are looking to make your body stronger from a previous injury, gently ease yourself back into movement or increase your body's resilience to injury and improve biomechanics. 

Our movement and breath work not only strengthen our vital organs and our muscles but also promote a more open flow of our lymph, endocrine, meridian and circulatory systems. 

Class size is extremely limited so students must pre-register every month to ensure their space in the class for the following month. Pre-registration is open now for Introductory In the Flow Proprio Foundation Workshops on Sat., Feb. 27th or Sun. Feb. 28th. This workshop is a prerequisite for registration in the March Class. 

In the Flow Proprio March Class Schedule:
Class meets twice a week for four weeks in La Mirada, CA.

Tues,   3/1/16          7:15pm - 8:30pm 
Thurs, 3/3/18         7:15pm - 8:30pm
Tues,   3/8/16         7:15pm - 8:30pm
Thurs, 3/10/16        7:15pm - 8:30pm
Tues,   3/15/16        7:15pm - 8:30pm
Thurs, 3/17/16        7:15pm - 8:30pm
Tues,   3/22/16       7:15pm - 8:30pm
Thurs, 3/24/16       7:15pm - 8:30pm

If you live in Southern California and are interested in participating please email for more information. 

Wishing you health, balance and harmony today and everyday. Thank you for visiting.

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