Saturday, September 28, 2013

Empowering our future one child at a time

It's so important to take a moment and let the children in our lives know that they are of value, that what they say matters. Let them know that they too have important contributions to offer. They are our future in the making. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mimicking Our Hunter-Gatherer Ancestors is Good for Our Health.

This is a concisely written article about the health benefits of looking to the daily behaviors of our hunter-gatherer ancestors as role models for health and longevity. Our bodies developed over millennia to support an outdoor and active lifestyle. Most of us living in contemporary societies rarely perform daily physical activities outdoors, yet the sun, the air, the grass and the dirt all play important rolls in revitalizing our physical and mental wellbeing. Take a moment to read the article below:

The beautiful thing is that we have the power to change our patterns of behavior. If you rarely venture outdoors to be physical, why not start with setting time aside three to four times a week just to take a 15 - 20 minute walk outside? You can also plan special outings on weekends to take a walk on the beach, go for a hike or participate in an outdoor sport. If you have a dog take her to the park or play with her in your backyard. Kids are also a great way to get some outdoor play. When was the last time you played freeze tag, hopscotch or raced down the street? These are all wonderful, simple and doable ways to incorporate outdoor activity into daily life. 

Get creative! We welcome comments about the things you do to stay active outdoors as well as thoughtful suggestions for those that are new to outdoor activities.

Now go outside and have some fun! It’s good for you. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Sixth Sense - Proprioception

Proprioception, the vital but mysterious sensation of position and movement. The Sixth Sense is a concise but well written article about the importance of proprioception for a healthy and balanced life.

Link to Sixth Sense Article

Articles in the Biological Literacy Series are fun explorations of how the human body works. Take time to check out some of their other articles while you're there. It's a great site full of useful information. 

What is Body Sense?

Body sense is the ability to pay attention to our sensations, emotions, body shape, and movements, in the present moment, without the mediating influence of judgmental thoughts. In technological societies where thinking is favored, people lose touch with their bodies, compromising physical and mental health. As a scientist practitioner of body sense awareness, I write each post with links to relevant research as well as suggesting ways to enhance your body sense for optimal well-being.

Read this Psychology Today article and find out. Proprioception is an essential component in developing our Body Sense by Alan Fogel, Ph.D. Dr. Fogel is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and has been an active contributor to research on emotional and sensorimotor development in the social context during during infancy and adulthood for the past 30 years.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"2 Fascial Tensegrity" by Tom Myers

This link titled "2 Fascial Tensegrity" by Tom Myers creator of Anatomy Trains, is a wonderful explanation of how the body is dynamically structured rather than statically structured. And the reason healthy unencumbered MYOFASCIA is king in unimpaired movement and pain-free posture. Enjoy!